Sunday, September 8, 2013

September 8, 2013

As we end week four and head into week five we need to keep reflecting on what is going well and what needs to be refined. Reminder: Our one goal is for ALL of our students to become proficient/advanced in reading, language arts, and math. We have completed one formative in English and math so far this year. We had some areas that students excelled and others where review/re-teaching is needed. We will have our first after school reteaching/review session on Monday September 16th.  Sign ups will be via a Google form that will be sent out in a separate email. Students that scored below basic and far below basic will be invited to attend the 3:15-3:45 review session. Students that scored basic should be able to receive re-teach/review during your class periods. Below are our overall results for Formative #1:

  • 6th ELA:  40% Proficient/Advanced
  • 7th ELA:  48% Proficient/Advanced
  • 8th ELA:  91% Proficient/Advanced
  • 6th Math:  21% Proficient/Advanced
  • Pre Algebra: 24% Proficient/Advanced
  • Algebra:  60% Proficient/Advanced
  • Geometry:  29% Proficient/Advanced
As you plan out your lessons remember to keep including writing every day in every subject. Mr. Walpole's US History students were asked to simulate historical research and writing by analyzing primary sources, having discussions with their partners, doing pre-write activities, and then writing a piece of history. 

Word of the Week: CLASSIFY: Classify is to arrange into categories based on similarities.  

Anti-Bullying Assembly: Remember we are having our anti-bullying assembly tomorrow, Monday, September 9th. We will have an A and a B assembly. The schedule for attendance was emailed out to all staff on Friday. Here is the link again if you want to preview what will be presented.   

Health Tip: Upon the advice of many of you I downloaded the app Run Keeper. I used it this weekend and loved it. The app tracks your distance, time spent running, and average pace. I could see this app being utilized easily in PE on students' personal devices. Students could track their mile runs and it could help pace them to improve their time.

Target and $$$$ for our schoolThis year, Target will give money to schools all over the country for one simple act: a vote. Our school needs just 25 votes to earn a $25 donation from Target. But that's only the beginning. For each additional vote, our school will get $1 more. So please remember that, although the gesture is small, the rewards are potentially huge. Go to to vote for Crystal Middle School once a week through September 21st or until Target has given away all $5 million. And please forward this email to your friends. Vote and see rules at  

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