Sunday, January 26, 2014

January 26, 2014

 I had the pleasure of spending Saturday with colleagues from Crystal, David Weir, Fairfield High, and Green Valley at the No Excuses Event. Presenter Doug Curry, principal from Travis Middle School in Texas, did an unbelievable job reminding us all about hope. Every student is listening even if each student doesn't make it seem like they are. We are here each day to give our students light inside any darkness they may be carrying.  When students make mistakes, human nature says we will make you pay. A No Excuses school works on correcting the behavior and welcoming the student back.Exceptional classroom management works with dignity and hope.  

We need to remind ourselves that the students that walk through our doors each day are in our classrooms and our hallways on loan each day by their parents. The parents send their students with faith that they will be safe and empowered each day with new knowledge.  We must make sure our parents are supported just as much as our students.  We need to unconditionally accept our parents with no judgment. We must validate, affirm, honor, and empower our parents. We must connect with them and offer great customer service.

I left Saturday with many great ideas and new strategies. Your fellow colleagues from Crystal that attended were Katie, Debra, Tara, and Jonathan. We are going to work on bringing Doug Curry to the district in August so that everyone can hear his story.  Talk with Katie, Debra, Tara, and Jonathan, I know they are just as excited as I am.

We have one more week before our site visit!! State Superintendent Tom Torlakson will be here on February 3rd from 10:30-11:30. We have a schedule for the visit developed, and I will share the Google folder with each of you. This is a HUGE moment for our school. I cannot put into words how proud I am of each of you and ALL of our students. The Crystal Family is AMAZING!! Thank you for all of your hardwork and dedication to each an every one of our students. We are providing the foundation for each of our students to be college ready through innovation and 21st Century skills. Our students are finding  
autonomy, mastery, and purpose in their learning. GO COUGARS!

Jim Silverman, librarian from Suisun City Library, has a goal of providing opportunities for your students to register for Solano County Library cards. He’d like to visit your classroom with application forms, quickly demonstrate how to use the catalog and get free online tutoring, then schedule a time to return to your classroom with cards for your students. He’s working with Amy, Lisa and Jonathan so ask them about their experience and value for their students. Email Jim at and cc me to get started.

Hypothesis: Hypothesis is an idea that is suggested as an explanation for something, but that has not yet been proven to be true. 

Have a Great Week!!  Anything is Possible!!

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