Sunday, March 30, 2014

Let it go......

This spring break has been a very relaxing and reflective week for me. It began with the sun shining, flowers blooming, and my girls playing in the backyard swinging from their favorite tree. We even had a chance to go for a quick swim even though the water wasn't really warm enough. I was able to "let go" of the demands of the work day and even the demands of staying "connected." My girls are obsessed with the movie Frozen right now and I have heard them singing, "Let it Go," pretty much every five minutes of this vacation. One could easily become annoyed at hearing the same song over and over and over, but in actuality, it hasn't been too bad. It hasn't driven me crazy because I see my girls enjoying life and expressing themselves through song.  I love to see the creativity as they sing, imagine, and have fun.

As with pretty much anything that happens in our lives, it is all about timing. Something that is presented to you today may not affect you the same way it will a year or two from now after different life experiences. Each book that I read this week, each movie that I watched, and each conversation that I had, kept bringing me back to reflect on life's journey. There is no waiting for next year or the year after that. We are in the midst of our life's journey right now. What I do today will affect what comes tomorrow. Therefore, I want to make sure that everything I do with my family and everything I do at work is purposeful and meaningful.

I want you to remember each and every day that every student sitting in front of you is a unique and special individual. Each student is in his/her life journey. Our students will make mistakes and will also have some amazing accomplishments. We need to be there for all of those moments. We need to present in the here and now and make the time we spend with our students the most valuable we can make it. You are creating a 53 minute experience every day, every class period. How can you make those 53 minutes the most memorable and provide the most impact as possible? Ask yourself this very simple question, "Would you want to be a student in your own classroom?"  If the answer is no, then think about how your students must feel. If the answer is yes, then keep it up and continue to create a vibrant classroom environment. 

Find the strength to "let go" of your insecurities and ask for help. Branch out and see what your colleague's are dong. "Let go" of the fear of the "test." Be creative and inspirational and facilitate your students' learning. If your students find purpose and meaning in what is being delivered they will have the DRIVE to succeed at it.  We want our students to have the best experiences every day. "Let go" of any bias you may have about your colleagues and instead work together to support one another in your professional journeys. The more we support and help each other the better we will be each day as we work with our students. 

ORDER: The way that things or events are arranged in relation to each other, for example showing whether something is first, second, third, etc. (sequence).

Many more great things are in store for Crystal!

Continue to be innovative, creative, and a model of excellence! 


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