Sunday, April 27, 2014

26 School Days Left, How will you make an IMPACT????

It is hard to believe, but we have only 26 school days left in the 2013-2014 school year!! We have truly accomplished a lot with our students and staff so far this year. Implementation of Common Core standards in every subject/every grade, NEU acceptance and full implementation, Bring Your Own Device implementation, Chromebook implementation, technology integration , Apple TV transitions, Coding integration, writing across the curriculum in EVERY class/EVERY day, College/Career Fair, State Superintendent Torlakson visit, student and teacher Blogs, and Ed Tech one on one support!! That is just to name a few!! We have a lot to be proud of for the 2013-2014 school year! Here are two short video clips that capture just some of the amazing accomplishments for Crystal Middle School this year.

Crystal Year in Review

A Glimpse at Crystal

Challenge yourself and your students to make the most of the remaining 26 days. If you have been thinking about getting on Twitter but haven't yet, start an account. If you have wanted to try G-class folders with your students, but haven't yet, sign up to get Josh Harris for a one on one to show you how. Think about your next lesson you are going to deliver and see how you can raise the Depth of Knowledge. If you haven't visited a colleague's class yet this year, get it on your calendar and make it happen. Make an upgrade in your next lesson and see how you can challenge your students to think more critically with less teacher scaffolding. Flip it so the basics are done at home and the application is done in the classroom. You have 26 more days to make an impact on your students. What will you do?? The options and potential for what can be done are limitless.

#edcamp: Remember, we will be holding our very first ever #edcamp at our May 6th staff meeting!!!! In last week's blog I shared a Youtube video on what an #edcamp is. In case you missed that, here the link again: #edcamp101   And... here is a link to a great article (thanks to Geoff Belleau and Twitter) that debunks some myths about #edcamps. Myths about Edcamps Debunked

PROVE: Prove is to show that something is true by providing facts, information, etc. 

Many more great things are in store for Crystal!

Continue to be innovative, creative, and a model of excellence! 


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