Sunday, January 4, 2015

Live EVERY day with NO Regrets

As 2014 came to a close I was able to spend two amazing weeks with my husband and two girls. However, we were struck with a loss the day after Christmas when our dog of 11 years passed away. It was a hard moment, but something has stuck with me that I will never forget. In Renthal's final moments he was still being the best companion he could be. Even with his hind legs paralyzed he still attempted to stand and be our protector. He was living every moment to the fullest. He was providing his unconditional love and protection no matter what. I am going to take that with me forever. Why shouldn't we live every day with no regrets?  Why wait for tomorrow; there is no guarantee that tomorrow will come. I challenge all of you, including myself, to take on 2015 with the unwavering passion to live EVERY day with no regrets.

One of the best parts of the new year is the feeling of hitting the re-set button. It is a brand new year which means it is an opportunity to be a new you. It is the time to reorganize your files, clean out your closet, review your goals, and re-evaluate your perspective on life.  It is a fresh start.

I want to make the best out of every interaction with every employee, parent, and student. I know that I only truly have "today" to make the best first impression or attempt to solve any problems that may exist. I know that if I don't take risks I won't know what my true potential is. I will continue to motivate each of you to push yourselves further than you think possible. I will continue to support you in new endeavors in  your educational careers. I will not rest and be complacent with anyone that complains or makes excuses. I will praise the problem solvers and innovative thinkers. I will rally together the team builders and thinkers among you.

This will be an AMAZING 2015!! I can confidently say that because we create our destiny. As the Fairfield High Family WE WILL make 2015 one the best years yet. 

Take a minute and smile right now. It will make you feel better and will brighten the moment of anyone that catches a glimpse of you. 

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