Monday, October 17, 2016

Kindness and its Power.....

We often hear the message to spread kindness. It sounds very simple and in reality it is. I think we can often underestimate the power of a smile. On Saturday I went to the park with my daughters and one of their friends. As we walked back home my oldest daughter decided to start waving to the cars and saying, "Hi." Well, as you can imagine the first car that passed the passengers waved back. She giggled and then the momentum took off. My youngest daughter and her friend joined in and also started waving and then yelling, "Hi!" A few cars passed and the drivers looked at the girls but they did not wave back. That did not discourage them. They actually seemed more energized to "get more people." They jogged to the corner where more cars were passing and they started their waving, smiling, and yelling, "Hi." Each time a car passed where the passengers or driver waved back the girls would giggle and become more excited about continuing. One car even honked and boy did that pump them up. Many drivers smiled as they waved and drove past. I heard the girls talking to each other and saying, "I think we made them laugh. We made their day happier." I would have to agree with them. Even as I watched the interactions I was smiling and laughing.  A smile and a laugh can be all you need sometimes to move your day into a more positive direction.

Every time I am out on a jog I give the head not or wave at the individuals as we pass one another, which is customary. I have felt compelled lately to take it one step further and give a true high five, but I keep chickening out. Well, yesterday on my jog, that started in the clouds and ended in the rain, I followed through and gave a high five to another female jogger. It was clear she thought I was just going to give the customary wave but she reached out and reciprocated with a high five back. The result was very interesting. I began to smile and actually felt a sense of encouragement on my end. I was able to dig a little deeper and go a little faster. It is hard to put into words but a rush of glee washed over me and having that sense that we both acknowledged one another and gave each other a quick, "Good job you've got this," it helped to make the task at hand a little easier.

As you move through your day you will interact with many people. Give a smile, say hi and start spreading that chain reaction of kindness. That smile or friendly gesture just might be the one thing that helps someone turn things around. :) The Great Kindness Challenge does not officially take place until January 2017 Great Kindness Challenge but that should not stop all of us from spreading kindness on a random basis. The video below, I saw several years ago but it is such a good visual on how helping someone out can go so much further than you would ever imagine.

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