Sunday, December 8, 2013

December 8, 2013

Each day you plan instruction for your students to engage them, to make them think, and to support their growth in becoming successful productive citizens. Our journey this year has reached its half way point. Every interaction you have had with your students has made an impact; some small and some great. Keep in mind that everything you do is seen and heard by your students. You have the power to make an amazing imprint on the lives of your students. Let's use these last nine days before break to engage, encourage, motivate, and most of all lead the students to the doors of knowledge. Knowledge is power.

We held our PIQE parent graduation ceremony this past Wednesday. We had a total of 20 parents graduate from the program. This was our first year for PIQE and it was an amazing experience for those that participated.  These parents are motivated to help their children navigate through the educational system and now feel armed with the tools necessary provide the support needed to ensure their children have the ability to attend college if they choose to do so.We had three parents give some very motivational speeches. I have created a short clip from their speeches. Check it out here.

PIQE Graduation Program

2013 PIQE Parent Graduates

The Hour of Code is set for this Friday, December 13, 2013. We will be on assembly schedule that day. Depending on if you are an "A" assembly or "B" assembly teacher, you will have your sixth period participate in The Hour of Code during your normal assembly time. Remember to poll your 6th period by the end of Monday and let me know how many "unplugged" versions we need to prep for. We have certificates for each of our students that you will distribute at the conclusion of The Hour of Code.

If you want to use the Chromebooks in your class, remember to sign up using the Google Form. I have included the link here. Several of you have begun to make requests and that is great. The Chromebooks are reserved based on the order the requests are received. This week is now reserved with the exception of Tuesday. If you want the Chromebooks for Tuesday make sure to fill out the form. The calendar in this blog is updated each time one of you signs up for the lab.

Distinguish is to recognize and understand the differences between two or more things or people. 


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