Sunday, May 11, 2014

#edcamp @Crystal a Success

What happens when you ask adults what they want to learn?  A lot of GREAT conversation takes place. At our staff meeting last week we attempted our first ever #edcamp with our teaching staff. The result, I am pleased to announce, was a lot of learning and sharing taking place.

Each teacher was given a sticky note and asked to write down a topic he/she wanted to talk about. Since we had never done this before, some people wrote down topics they wanted to learn about while others wrote down topics they were interested in sharing about. Teachers placed the sticky notes on the wall and then we started to group them by like themes/topics. After that it was clear there were three main categories: Google Draw, Tech Ninja, and Culture/Engagement. Everyone then moved themselves into their "groups" and the conversation began.

We were lucky to have several Tech gurus sharing in one room via Google Hangout. We had Geoff Belleau who had several of his tech buddies from TICAL join us via Google Hangout. We had Tim Goree the Director of TSS and Josh Harris Ed Tech Specialist live and in person. There were no pre-planned agenda topics, no pre-planned presentations. The "groups" were created by the teachers own interests and then the natural sharing began. It appeared that most people would have liked more time, because I got some crazy looks when I said that time was up.

We ended the #edcamp with a #slam session at the end. A slam session is where one person at a time shares for no more than three minutes one of their top apps, tips, lessons, etc.

I put together a short video of our very first #edcamp below.  (First time using I-Movie.) I see this form of professional development as one that needs to be implemented in every facet of education. Learning becomes so much more meaningful when it is something that you want to learn about and want to share your own understanding of the topic. I can equate our mini #edcamp to the same philosophical reasoning we are doing Year 2 of Innovation Day for our students. Design your own learning experiences and you will find much more meaning and purpose in what you do. At Crystal we will continue to be innovative and take risks in the world of education and technology.


RELATE: Relate is to feel that you understand someone's problem, situation, etc. 

Many more great things are in store for Crystal!

Continue to be innovative, creative, and a model of excellence! 


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