Sunday, August 30, 2015

Failing Forward vs. Failing Backward

In speaking with a good friend of mine the other day he made me stop and think. He pointed back to times that I have made the comment, "Failure is not an option." He pointed out that when people don't truly know me they may misunderstand what I mean when I make that comment. His reflections made me really think that many times what we say isn't always received and interpreted how we meant it.

So, that being said I want to make sure I clarify for everyone what I have meant when I have said, "Failure is not an option." I am by no means saying that people shouldn't fail. I am actually encouraging people to make mistakes and learn from those mistakes in moving forward. I have a FIRM belief that we must hold high expectations for ourselves and for ALL those we come in contact with in our lives. I don't want anyone to ever give up. I don't want anyone to ever be complacent. I want staff and students to strive for excellence and push themselves to try new and innovative things.

I  have had some of my best moments in education watching a teacher try something new with his/her students. Then engaging in great conversation afterward about what to modify and edit. As educators we must be innovative and constantly reflective on our practices. For each year our "clients" are new and different from the year before.

Something important to know about me as a person. I think BIG. I believe that anything is POSSIBLE. I will PUSH myself and my staff continually to surpass what we have done in the past. Not because I am not proud of the accomplishments, but because I know there is always more. Just like an athlete in training that will go to the gym day in and day out and push for one more repetition of the weights. Why? To ACHIEVE what to some might be the IMPOSSIBLE but is really POSSIBLE.

Let's look at how we can embrace the idea of "Failing Forward" vs. "Failing Backward." If we Fail Forward we take responsibility for our mistakes and we LEARN from our mistakes. We understand that failure is part of the process. We maintain a positive attitude while challenging outdated assumptions. We take risks and PERSEVERE!!



IT'S ON!!!

National College Colors Day
 2015 is FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 4th! We need to show how college crazy we are!! We will all wear our college colors and take a staff group photo to post and tweet @noexcusesu using the hashtag #neulead.  

Our ONE goal: To graduate every Fairfield High Student and to ensure that they leave FHS college and career ready!!! 
Inspire, Engage, Excite, Lead, Foster, Create, Empower!!

Many more great things are in store for Fairfield High!

Continue to be innovative, creative, and a model of excellence! 


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