Monday, September 14, 2015

What Defines Who We Are???

What is it that defines who we are? One might ask why we even need to define ourselves.  However, in order to navigate through life we tend to surround ourselves by things that make us more comfortable. Others look at us and begin to make judgments and then decisions on how to interact with us based on those judgments. Whether that is right or wrong is not the question. We send messages even when we are not intending to do so. The message of who we are and what we stand for is sent with every action we make and every word that we speak. What message are you sending? What message are we sending as a school?

Fairfield High is defined by the students and staff.  Our school has a strong soul. Many have said that once you become a Falcon you will forever be a Falcon. I don't deny that being true. There is a spirit of family and compassion that unites FHS. As a school we send the message of acceptance and growth. We pull together to ensure students are enjoying life and becoming prepared to move on to life after high school.  The minutes and days spent on the FHS campus are pivotal in helping define the next chapter for each student.

The past two weeks have been a shining example of who we are; Fairfield High

Our ONE goal: To graduate every Fairfield High Student and to ensure that they leave FHS college and career ready!!! 
Inspire, Engage, Excite, Lead, Foster, Create, Empower!!

Many more great things are in store for Fairfield High!

Continue to be innovative, creative, and a model of excellence! 


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