Sunday, October 18, 2015

Shared Leadership Continues

Back in September I blogged about the importance of Shared Leadership on our campus. I want to continue to talk about how leadership that is shared is what will make the biggest positive impact on our campus.

Last year Safe School Ambassadors began at FHS with around forty students trained and eight advisors trained to lead the Family Groups. We are now in year two and have been able to bring back ambassadors from last year and train another forty students this year. The process has been nothing short of remarkable.

Several students from SSA helped to put together a video that encapsulated what SSA means to them. Additionally, four student ambassadors came to our staff meeting last month and not only spoke to the staff but ran an activity that we all participated in. The message from the students was powerful and one that we cannot ignore. The voice of the student is paramount when we are designing lessons and instruction. Why? Because we need to know where are students are coming from, what their needs are, what their dislikes and interests are so that the delivery of the lesson is relevant.

The eighty Safe School Ambassadors are pivotal leaders on our campus. With the momentum they have after the two day training this past week we are sure to see a "pay it forward" effect on our campus. We must continue to entrust our youth with the strategies they can use to become empowered and ultimately be the change they want to see in the world.

Safe School Ambassadors and Advisors 2015-2016

Our ONE goal: To graduate every Fairfield High Student and to ensure that they leave FHS college and career ready!!! 
Inspire, Engage, Excite, Lead, Foster, Create, Empower!!

Many more great things are in store for Fairfield High!

Continue to be innovative, creative, and a model of excellence!


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