Sunday, September 25, 2016

#Encouragement #Teamwork #Positivity

Several of us on Twitter have been encouraging each other on a daily basis (during September) with our efforts in completing the #100milechallenge. What started out as a Twitter challenge morphed into practice for a race that took place on Saturday. It was at the race that I was able to meet someone that up until that point I had only interacted with on Twitter. Even though we had never met face to face before that moment we still had each other's backs and provided words of encouragement. ALL of us completed either our 5K or 10K and I can definitely say that through the encouragement, motivation, camaraderie, and support it was easier to complete and much more REWARDING.

It feels good to be part of something bigger than you could ever be alone. It is amazing to see people that you care about accomplish milestones in their lives. We can do so much through visualization and positive thinking. When we encourage one another and spread a positive message we become change agents.

Think about the amount of time you spend in your day focusing on negative thoughts. The more you dwell on negative thinking the more you will bring negativity into your life. Try to consciously focus on the positive things you want to have happen in your life. I remember a few years ago listening to Jack Canfield speak to us at an NEU conference. He spoke about the power of visualizing your goals and how that can help to make them even more achievable. Focus on the attributes you want to bring out of yourself or even out of  your co-workers. Spend time building and fostering those attributes. The more time you spend on the your goals and aspirations, the happier you will be and you will be able to attain your goals!!

I was reminded tonight about a group of local teens that are spreading a positive message and making life better for the less fortunate in our community. Skate for Change is a group of teens that go out and bring socks, water, and other essentials to the homeless and struggling members of our local community. These teens aren't looking for recognition for what they are doing; they do this to help those that are in need because they see it as the right thing to do.

Take some time to focus on your goal(s). Visualize yourself reaching your goal(s). See what steps you need to take and again visualize yourself making those steps a reality. Write it down, Tweet it, make your commitment! Then, each day continue to visualize your goal(s) and keep moving in the positive direction. As a #TEAM we must continue to #ENCOURAGE one another, spread #POSITIVITY, and provide #SUPPORT to each other to help everyone on our #TEAM be the strongest and best they can be. 

Continue to be innovativecreative, and a model of excellence!

"The quality of every human activity ultimately depends on our motivation." --Dalai Lama 

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