Sunday, December 4, 2016


The December challenge is upon us, #Sparkle.  #Sparkle stands for: Spreading Positive Actions Regarding Kind Loving Encounters.  As each person spreads some "sparkle" he/she is paying it forward which causes a chain reaction that spreads positivity.

We are already have some great examples of staff and students spreading some #Sparkle around the Fairfield-Suisun area. Here are just a few.

Crystal Middle School ASB is holding a Toys for Tots drive.  

Students and Staff from schools across the district spent Saturday ringing the bell to raise money for the Salvation Army. 

Our Risk Manager, Jennifer Taylor, has posted words of encouragement through out the district office.

A ten year old KI Jones student honored the Fairfield Police Department. The message is a simple but powerful one. Taking time to say thank you and giving a gesture of appreciation can go a long way for the person receiving the thanks. Watch the story here:  KRON 4 News Story

Think about the ways in which you can #Sparkle on campus and keep spreading positivity. We CAN change the reality around us. We can commit with positive intention to reinforce the actions and behaviors that we want to see in our colleagues, our students, and ultimately our society. We must highlight and showcase the strengths of our peers and our students. We must mend any mistrust and replace it with open and honest communication. Don't be afraid to have those that you are leading come out from the shadows and shine bright. True leaders are able to create more leaders and empower those that they lead to be the absolute best they can be.

Continue to be innovative, creative, and a model of excellence!!

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