Tuesday, January 3, 2017


When I was asked what my #OneWord2017 was, my reply was UNYIELDING. Webster's Dictionary defines UNYIELDING as, "showing or having firmness or determination." It is more important to me now more than ever that I stay true to my convictions and core beliefs.  There are many forces at work that will try to make one sway or falter. But, remaining centered and grounded and joining forces with others that are like minded will provide a network of impenetrable strength.

Prior to leaving on the winter break there were quite a few tragedies that struck our community. I was compelled to reach out to faith leaders from Liberty Church for guidance on how to best approach and support our youth. It was a great conversation spent with two pastors. We talked about what it would take to create a movement. A movement that would empower our youth. A movement that would work to unleash the potential in all of our students.  A movement that would give our students a voice.  A movement that would provide HOPE.

Imagine a unified movement with the message, "Not In Our School." One student alone can have a difficult time standing up for what is right, but when you have students unite they become a much stronger force and it is then much easier to spread the message of, "Not In Our School." Remember the video of the lone dancer that starts a movement? It takes a few followers and a movement begins.

Join me in this effort!! Let's join forces to create this movement at our school sites. Let's work together to transform our schools to be schools FOR the community not just IN the community. We can DO THIS together with the "Not In Our School" movement.

Continue to be innovativecreative, and a model of excellence!!     

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