Monday, February 13, 2017

HOPE and Revolutionary Love.......

I cannot take credit for this week's post title. I must give credit to Alisal Union School District in Salinas, CA. I continue to follow Josh Harris on Twitter, our previous amazing Ed Tech, who is now the Director of Technology in AUSD. Today #AlisalStrong was in force on Twitter. Their district was engaged in a district wide Good Teaching Conference. Among the many sessions they were offering they, just as we do in #FSUSD, see the need to help develop the whole child. I was struck by one of the presenter's slides titled, "What is Revolutionary Love?" The presenter listed seven bullet points:

  • Defined by inputs rather than outcomes
  • Unyielding BELIEF in EVERY child
  • Demands energy and passion aka Never Giving Up...
  • Continual search to be better
  • Taking responsibility
  • Being courageous
  • It hurts...

“When students feel a sense of self-worth, they’re five times more likely to be academically motivated.” --Professor Russell Quaglia

My daughter brought this Ellen video to my attention this weekend. She said to me, "Mom you will like to see this." She was right!!! 

As we head back to work this week on Valentine's Day, take some extra time to reach out and show that you value EVERY student in your classroom and on your campus. Be that one caring adult every child needs! Provide your students HOPE that they CAN and WILL be successful. It is up to us to provide that HOPE and Revolutionary Love!! 

Continue to be innovativecreative, and a model of excellence!!

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