Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Teachers Building Up Other Teachers

We are just a few days into a new Twitter Challenge, teachers posting daily using a school hashtag and taking time to read each others' tweets. We began on Friday and we already have momentum!!

I am very excited about what is happening. Teachers are posting what their students are doing in class AND they encouraging other teachers to join in and get on Twitter and share their class successes as well. Real movement and change occurs when people see the relevance, meaning, and purpose to their work. When teachers feel the need to get others on board, we are in a GOOD place! The beauty of this sharing is that it is breaking down the walls between our classrooms and opening up the possibilities for teachers to try new and innovative approaches. It is safe to try and "fail forward."

The reality is that not everyone is on Twitter and therefore teachers are reaching out and sharing other ways to collaborate on ideas, share practices, and encourage each other. One way is the the #observeme movement that has been and continues to take place in our district and across the nation. Teachers inviting other teachers into their room with the #observeme sign to observe and provide them with feedback. Yes, they want feedback so that they can improve on their lesson delivery.

A teacher reached out to me this evening to help share another great resource called Flipgrid. This is an amazing way to capture student voices through video responses. I love how he referred to the tool as a "force multiplier." A way for teachers to capture and share what is happening in their classrooms without even leaving their campus. If we "multiply"our impact the potential is limitless!! Check out a recent Flipgrid from Colonel Avery's classroom: https://flipgrid.com/x9h3gua

Publicize this link, share with your staff! Let's create a "force multiplier" https://flipgrid.com/observeme 

Continue to be innovativecreative, and a model of excellence!!


  1. Who will be 1st?!-->> https://flipgrid.com/observeme Just think/record/share...

  2. Dave,
    Thank you for always being an innovator. A person who takes risks for the good of or our students. You inspire others. Never stop!!